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We serve Britain’s most popular dish, the Tikka Masala, with aplomb! Our tikkas are ranked the best amongst all the Indian restaurants nearby. Other most-loved dishes include the Persian Dhansak, Kashmiri Roghan Josh, and of course, the Akni (Biryani) prepared with Himalayan Basmati rice. Other dishes include the royal Jaipuri-style whitebait, lamb chops, chicken tikka, and Tandoori Zinga. Enjoy these with bread options like PeshawariNaan, MalaiNaan, Paratha, and Tandoori Roti.

We also serve a great array of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, some of the best amongst all the Indian restaurants Sutton has, like chilli paneer, bhindibhaji, aloogobhi, saagbhaji, tarka dal, sag paneer, Bombay aloo, and many more. The all-time favourite of our guests is the spicy and crunchy samosa, which is pretty much India’s national snack!

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Our Food

The vegetarians needn’t despair. We serve a huge range of delectable vegetarian dishes like Chilli Paneer, Onion fritters, and the all-time favourite- Samosa. True to Indian hospitality, Samsara is amongst the best Indian restaurant nearby that allows you to relax, lounge and luxuriate in the comfort of its welcoming ambience. Our staff ensures that you feel comfortable and have one of the best dining experiences of your life.

Our vegetarian and gluten-free menu has also earned us rave reviews on food websites wheneverIndian restaurants near me lists are compiled. Our must-try vegetarian dishes include Bagan-E-Bahar (baked aubergine steak), mixed platter, chilli paneer, Bombay aloo, Saagbhaji, Channa masala, and Sag paneer. Of course, the list doesn’t end here. You can ask for the chef’s special dishes when you visit us.

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23-25 High Street,
Cheam Village, Surrey, SM3 8RE

Phone: +020 8642 4488

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